It all started with a stain...

Meiyen and Vanie was having their favorite Malaysian delicacy -- Curry laksa, when Vanie accidentally splashed some laksa soup not only onto her pants, but also onto Meiyen's white shirt.

Meiyen, who was about to attend a meeting later, desperately tried to remove the stain with water, soap, facial tissue, and even wet tissues. Unsurprisingly, the stain was still there.

They immediately went looking for a solution in the local pharmacies and groceries. To their surprise, nothing they bought seems solve the issue, the curry stain was still sitting prettily on Mei Yen's pretty white shirt.

From that moment, Vanie and Mei Yen knew they had to help. To help the curry laksa lovers, to help the pretty white shirts, to help get rid of a great outfit's number one nemesis --stains. and that was when Hygee was born.

The Vision

To be the centre of creating sustainable solutions for the modern-day person.

The Mission

To build an ecosystem of products that creates a win-win situation for all parties.